Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sounds of Summer

Summer is officially over for the Hedgepeth children, as school is back in session! Oh, we will still have weekends in the sun, Popsicles and some lazy, hazy afternoons.

It was a BIG day for us, as Ashley started Middle School. (Each new school year gives pause to ponder.) Last summer I reflected on our beach trip, blueberries and Hannah Montana.

For me, this summer will always be remembered as "The Summer of Taylor Swift" (and drama camp, slumber parties, lip gloss, ipods, dress up...for real, and Cabin Camp)!

This is the summer my little girl grew up just a little bit more.

-summer 2004-

-first day of school 2009-

I gaze upon her with such deep love, a sense of pride and tremendous joy! I have been blessed beyond measure. I have a thankful, grateful heart.

As she goes out on her own, a little bit further each day. I ask the Lord to guide her and protect her. I pray that she would be a woman of influence, a friend to many. I pray for me, to have the grace to let her go, knowing that the Lord is the one who promises to be a light unto her path and a lamp unto her feet.

P.S. I did cry when we pulled away from the curb of the Middle School. I didn't think I would...who was I fooling? My sweet husband just looked over at me and we drove away.


Sharon said...

Oh Taylor, so familiar...yes, seeing them grow up is hard but also exciting as we see them blossom a little bit more each day into who God created them to be!!

The lady of the house... said...

i'm crying and she's not even mine!!!!!!!