Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sounds of Summer

Summer is officially over for the Hedgepeth children, as school is back in session! Oh, we will still have weekends in the sun, Popsicles and some lazy, hazy afternoons.

It was a BIG day for us, as Ashley started Middle School. (Each new school year gives pause to ponder.) Last summer I reflected on our beach trip, blueberries and Hannah Montana.

For me, this summer will always be remembered as "The Summer of Taylor Swift" (and drama camp, slumber parties, lip gloss, ipods, dress up...for real, and Cabin Camp)!

This is the summer my little girl grew up just a little bit more.

-summer 2004-

-first day of school 2009-

I gaze upon her with such deep love, a sense of pride and tremendous joy! I have been blessed beyond measure. I have a thankful, grateful heart.

As she goes out on her own, a little bit further each day. I ask the Lord to guide her and protect her. I pray that she would be a woman of influence, a friend to many. I pray for me, to have the grace to let her go, knowing that the Lord is the one who promises to be a light unto her path and a lamp unto her feet.

P.S. I did cry when we pulled away from the curb of the Middle School. I didn't think I would...who was I fooling? My sweet husband just looked over at me and we drove away.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


This week our area has gotten some much needed rain. Well, actually, we have gotten a ton of rain. Or so it has seemed. We have had slightly overcast days give way to torrential downpours in the night. (Now, if you read my last posting, you know that we are waiting on phase IV...the roof part...yeah, that means water coming onto the addition.)

What we have up for the addition is not being damaged by the rain, but we do not want water standing on any part. With Todd being in New Orleans this week with three different teams, I am the primary maintenance person around here. Each morning I have had the opportunity to "sweep" and "vacuum" (dry vac) our addition. The first day I used the push broom to move the water out the door, followed up with the shop vac.

The next morning I realized that I really needed to climb the ladder to the second floor and start there, then move to the first floor. Wow! What a view from up there.

From this perspective, the light shines differently. How wonderful to see a tree from above it's canopy! Things appear much different than they do from my previous position. Nothing has changed, except my position.

Oh Lord, you are so patient with me.

How many times have I been worried about something that I cannot change? Been overcome by the things around me? How many times have I gotten caught up in comparison...based on my view point? When I step back, I seem to get a clearer view. When I dare to see things from God's view point, it all comes into...perspective. I have no need to worry, doubt or compare.

Lord, may I remember to see from your perspective. Let me see "The Big Picture".

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unless the Lord...

"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain."
-Psalm 127:1

It has been so amazing to see what the Lord has done here at the Hedgepeth House! We have seen three phases completed. It really is awesome. We continue to rejoice in this project that the Lord has started, and is sure to finish.

During this last phase, we found ourselves sitting livingroom after dinner, sharing with one another. The passion in Bill is absolutely contagious! He was sharing with Lyle and Chris about the project. He shared something like this...

This is not about building a house for the Hedgepeths. This is about building the Kingdom of God. That is not just a large familyroom, that is a room that will host people from the nations, training them to go the the Nations! That apartment for Jackson is not just an apartment, it is a place that provides security for both Jackson and his parents. It allows Todd and Vickie to do what God has called them to do...without worry for Jackson.

This whole project is bigger than we can imagine. The impact that this will have on the eternity cannot be measured at this time. Thank you for being a part of it.

Bill went on to tell the guys that their talents are gifts from the Lord. They are really good at what they do. (Bill did say that these guys are as good as it gets! They did an amazing job!)

Todd and I are just so grateful that they came to "share" their gifts.

I've reflected a bit more on that night. What are the gifts that I have that I just see as "things that I do," that are really placed in me by Creator God?

God has given each of us of organization, creativity, good with numbers, people person, carpentry, entertaining, etc., etc..

Gifts are things that we find coming more easily to us, not something we force ourselves into. When I am expressing my "gifts", it really is a gift to myself as well as others, right? I am using it to bring joy to God and others, and I find I am refreshed and energized at the same time. When I have to force it, it comes with a load of stress. (I hear the words of the Psalmist, "Unless the Lord builds the house (gives the gift)".)

With this project, we have seen the Lord's favor. People have been sharing their gifts of finances, talents and friendship. Inspections have gone well. We are so thankful. We are having fun with this...excited to see the next thing that God is going to do with the project.

We are currently waiting on a variance from the city. We meet with them mid August. We have the walls up, floors done. Phase IV will be the second floor interior wall and the raising of the roof. So far, our three phases have added up to 7 working days! Whew!

...unless the Lord builds the house.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love of My Life

Happy Anniversary, Sweat Heart!
Thank you for an amazing love story and a happily ever after!


Rome Wasn't Built in a Day...

...but we don't live in Rome!

We are blown away around here at the Hedgepeth House, Hamewith. Phase III is in full swing this morning!!

Bill and Christian arrived on Sunday afternoon, followed by another set from Lancaster, more specifically Ephrata United Zion Church...Lyle and Chris. These guys both work in family businesses and have young families. They left that to come and frame our house this week! Again, we are blessed beyond measure.

The house is really coming together. Bill says that this part is so fun because it goes so fast. It really is awesome! These pictures are from yesterday...
These guys worked tirelessly. By dinner two walls were up on the first floor! We are all so amazed and excited. It is so fun for us to watch Jackson. He is up with them before 7 am to get started. Yesterday Chris and Lyle let him hang with them. He was able to tighten the nuts on the bolts with a power drill...H-E-L-L-O! (Power tools are awesome!) He also helped to move lumber.
This morning he was out "observing". Before too long he had the cinnamon rolls, Gatorade and napkins out! I think that Jackson really gets what is going on here. It brings tears to my eyes.
A few years ago, we had Jackson with us at a YWAM Conference. John Dawson, the current president of our mission, spoke to Jackson. He put his hand on Jackson's head and said, "Jackson, we love you. I want you to know that there will always be a place for you in this mission. You are a part of us." That spoke volumes to us. This project says that to Jackson again. "There will always be a place for you."
A few pictures from early this morning...