Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rockin' It!!!

Okay, I have written a bazillion postings, over the last few weeks, in my head. But alas, I have found no way, or time, to get them from my head to here! Today is different. I just have to get this out!

Over the last two months Jackson has been in and out of the hospital. It has been exhausting. Four months earlier, we returned from Africa with our sweet princess. 18 month before that, we started an addition on our house that is bigger than our existing house. We have been a busy family...to say the least.

In the midst of that I have found myself thinking, "Why get all dolled up to do construction?" With Gabi, I have found myself getting her all dolled up and then running out of time for me. (Sound familiar mommies?) Then with Jackson, we are doing around the clock care, back and forth to the hospital, getting very little sleep, etc. Suddenly, the jogging suit (that was sooo cute 3 years ago!) is so handy and comfy. Why not?

I should have thought something of it the day that I ran out for Todd and Bill to get a plumbing part. It was early. I jumped into some shorts and a t-shirt. Threw on a bit of lipstick...the perfect pick me up...NOT! (It is not enough ladies!) The guy at the store just gave me the part. I walked out of there with my head held high.

I was thinking,
"How sweet is that? He must like me!"
Then I took a look in the rear view mirror...SCREAM! That guy did not think I was cute!
He was thinking,
"Dear Lord! That Girl needs to invest in some cosmetics. I will give her this part!"
Okay, fast forward to recently...
I have stumbled upon "The Pleated Poppy", through another blog, My Pink Life. These adorable girls are taking pictures of themselves and posting on Wednesdays. What in the world?
Pleated Poppy explained that it is "What I Wore Wednesday". An accountability for her general appearance as a stay at home/work at home girl. Brilliant! She is making herself accountable to the blogging world. Creative. I like it! (It also keeps her from the scrutiny of the guys at the plumbing supply house!)
I have not come to the place of posting pictures of myself ...yet. I wish I could have posted a picture of myself today though! (Camera is with Hubs in Orlando).
WIWW has really challenged me to spruce myself up a bit, bring back some dignity. I do not want to appear worn out, sad or stressed. So, I have been dialing it up a notch (last week, one of the doctor's told me I looked great. Yippee. She really loved my shoes!)
So, I get ready to spend my day in PICU today. I want to look good when Jackson wakes up. I want him to say, "Hey! THAT'S my mom!"
Deciding to stop for gas, I use tons of napkins to touch the gas nozzle. (I just hate to get that gas smell on me. It just doesn't seem to wash off.) After filling my tank, it clicks off. I use my napkins to grab the handle to remove it from the van. Gas SPEWS all over me. There is little the napkins could do.
Washing up the best I could, I knew there was no going back home. I had to keep moving forward. What is a girl to do? What is between this point and the hospital...MARSHALL'S!
I pull into the parking lot, run in, grab three pairs of jeans, two shirts, a sweater. I run to the dressing room, tell the attendant I am frazzled and in a hurry. Could she relate? A flat "No, I can't." was her reply. Oh well, too bad for her.
Tearing off my clothes and jumping into the clearance jeans, perfect fit! The clearance t-shirt is next. ADORABLE! All that is left was the sweater. A no go. I throw my "gassy" clothes back on, grab my new things, try on another cardigan on the way to check out. PERFECT! Pay. Stop at the restroom. Change into fresh clothes...after bathing out of the sink and drying off with papertowels...whew...I know. BUT, I am rockin' it in my new skinny jeans!
All in just 18 minutes!
I got to the hospital in time to see Jackson's dressing change. His arm is healing. He woke up just for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. Tomorrow is another day. And another opportunity to get my "cute" on!
You know, it is not so important what I wear, but how I wear it. Am I wearing Love? What about Kindness? Gentleness? Compassion? Grace?
Those are the things that I want people to see...
well, that and my new skinny jeans!