Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unlike Any Other

This Thanksgiving was unlike any other. We only had six people around our table this year, our kids and Todd's Mom, Nana. In the 21 years that we have been married we have always celebrated with more family and friends. I LOVE preparing a feast for those I love. This year was no different...just smaller...and quieter...and different.

Some friends had family in town to celebrate with. Some friends went home, or to other friends' homes. Todd's youngest brother, Brad, and his wife Dana (who we so enjoy around our table) are celebrating in China. My family is celebrating at my parents house in Maple Grove, along with other family and lifelong friends. So, I really missed the people that have sat around our table in the past.

We were reminded of other special people through the family recipes we used, eating off of Mamo's favorite Franciscan Ivy patterned china (made famous on the Donna Reed Show and I Love Lucy Show in the 1960's). Using the turkey platter that I got from my brother in law's Grandmother Strickland. Making Rachael's famous citrus tea. Bringing out an old favorite...upside down apple pie.

I realize that, no matter who is around our table, I am making memories with/for my kids, as we celebrate with tremendous JoY and GrATefUlnESs, the awesome blessings in our lives. As we celebrated, albeit quietly (just what the Hubs needed), I looked around the table at Nana, Ashley, Todd, Jackson and Gabi and realized how blessed I am.

One day they will look back at ALL the special ways we celebrated Thanksgiving through the years, sometimes small and sometimes very, VERY big! But always