Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy. Glamorous. Life. Well, not always "Glamorous!"

Many days I think to myself, "When life slows down....(fill in the blank)." Well, guess what? Life is not slowing down!

My life is filled with many things...being a wife, a mom to a three kids who all have very different needs, a friend, a daughter, a sister, working with YWAM, being an advocate for my child, standing up for and abroad, travel, cleaning, laundry, the list is endless. Some days, I am just tired...plain and simple.

Recently, life has been quite daunting. I look for the bright spots here and there. This past September, while Jackson was in PICU for the first time, Todd and I were named, "Parent Advocates of the Year" for The Arc of Union County. This was such and honor, and HUGE surprise, for us. It was also an encouragement in the midst of some very dark days.

Just last month, The Arc had one of their main fundraisers for the year. Todd and I were invited to attend. It was one amazing night. I loved seeing all the friends, neighbors and community leaders come out to support Arc...really supporting Jackson and others like him. It was great to get out on a date of sorts.

So, here, Live from The Red Carpet!

Thank you Melinda and all the staff at The Arc of Union County. We appreciate the way you advocate for others. We are so happy to be linked with you guys!