Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love of My Life

Happy Anniversary, Sweat Heart!
Thank you for an amazing love story and a happily ever after!



Vickie said...

Did I marry Brian Kilmeade, or what? Honey, I am just now making the connection...you must be long lost twins!

Aunt Tam Tam said...

Happy 19th Anniversay guys!! I think 19 is right : ) What a blessing and I thanks God for my 19too! The house is really coming along.. I can not believe all the miracles I just read about the miracles going on just around the corner form me. Jackson you are loved buddy not only by your Monroe NC neighbors but all you neighbors around the globe too!

Felicia Chappell said...

You are both truly gifts to EVERYONE from heaven. Thanks for obeying the leading of the Lord to follow Him into anything that He has placed in your path to do. Just like the story of the talents...to those who invest their talents and use them, God gives more opportunities...You are both a HUGE blessing...Happy Anniversary belated! And you so deserve the help you're getting to add on to your home.