Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not to be Out Done...

My little "Munchkin" just loves Jane.

She also loves anything creative, crafty, artsy...

So, when she heard what Leslie and I were doing, she wanted to do a bra too! I went to TJMaxx and bought another bra and she "had at it."

I have to tell you. She brings some serious competition. I am so proud of her, in so many ways. She loves doing stuff like this, but really, it is her way to honor Jane. It is something, that as a young lady, she can do and know that it matters.
This one is entitled...
"Got the Ta-Tas Covered!"
(She just thinks that Janes car magnet "save the ta-tas" is so funny! I guess to an 11 year old it is funny!)

Bras for the Cause

Yes! I am serious.

Recently, I was at the hospital when I spotted a hot pink and black flier..."Bras for the Cause!" It caught my attention. It said, "Design and create an 'art bra' to help raise awareness about breast cancer."

Say no had me at "art"!

So, I got to spend an incredible day with my friend Leslie, in her art room, creating a bra in honor of Jane. (This art room is wonderful!!! In December 2008 I gave you a peek into Tammi's art room. No wonder these friends are so inspired!!!)

We had gathered supplies and a bra and came together with ideas. A late entry into our ideas was "Boobs of Steel". It just clicked and we went crazy. We laughed and giggled and created. We think we have a winner here! You tell me...

If you live in Union County, please go to Carolinas Medical Center-Union on Thursday, October 22 from 7 am-5 pm and Friday, October 23 from 7 am - 12 pm to vote for our bra! (Yes! It is a competition.) For more information on this fund raiser, visit

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby

Today we send birthday wishes to our sweet girl in Africa...Baby turns three today! It's hard to believe.

This adoption journey has been so long. It is one thing to go through the process of paperwork, home studies, interviews, etc. and then wait for a baby to be born. It is an entirely different thing to KNOW your baby and then wait those same years. In the meantime, she is growing, bonding with her family that cares for her and the world turns...we wait.

We would have loved to have had these last three years. I would have loved to hug her, cuddle her, bathe her, diaper her and sing lullabies to her. (I'm pretty sure I could still do that...she just will take up a bit more space in my arms.)
What I know is this...the Lord placed this little girl in our hearts. We love her in a way that is indescribable.
We continue to wait.
We have no idea what the Lord is up to. These things we do know...
-He is in control.
-He knows what is going on.
-We need to walk out in all the things He has called us to do...mentoring young leaders, lead a YWAM work, raise our children in the ways of God, etc.
-He who called us is faithful.
-He will complete what He started.
-We will continue to serve, with JOY, no matter the outcome.
-He is trustworthy.
These days we pray for a resolution. We also ask for the Lord to continue to guard all hearts involved. Yes. We are still pursuing Baby. We covet your prayers.
Please join with us, as we celebrate this beautiful life and all that God has in store.
"Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you."
-Jeremiah 1:5 (The Message)

Happy Birthday Baby!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plain Jane

If you have been out at all lately, you will have seen pink EVERYWHERE! Pink ribbons on people, cars sporting the magnet "save the ta-tas!", pink Kitchen Aid mixers at Target, etc. is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In recent years, I have not needed a calendar month to bring me to an awareness of breast cancer. I have dear friends, who's diagnosis of breast cancer have brought an awareness to me. The most recent "awareness" came five weeks ago, when my sweet, precious friend Jane was diagnosed with bc.

I love Jane so much...there are no words. Her and her husband David are terrific friends.

She is amazing, hysterically funny, generous, a straight talker, a great listener, particular, knowledgable...a true and forever friend.

With that, I introduce a new blog to

Here you can follow Jane's journey, know how to pray for her, write notes of encouragement and pray some more. Thanks friends!

Paris! Mi' Amour

Hubs has been in Norway all week. Oh, the perks of missionary life! Seriously, he was teaching in the Discipleship Training School there. He just loves time with students. From the sounds of it, he has been refreshed!

Another highlight of it all, is spending time with life long friends, Runar and Alice Byberg!

They pioneered the base in Skien, Norway. (One of the most beautiful places in the world!!!) And are the base leaders there.
Runar did his DTS in Hawaii, while Todd was staffing. After his military service, Runar moved to NYC to work with us there. That is where we forged such deep, deep friendship. Oh, the stories.

I am so grateful for Todd to have had this time away.

As we are preparing for his return, I received an e-mail from him, stating that "if all goes well in Paris...blah, blah, blah." I totally zoned out after that. Paris!? Without me!? Well, he will most likely spend all his time in the airport...getting glimpses of Paris from the window of an airplane.