Sunday, July 6, 2008

Let Freedom Ring!

It is the eve of a new week beginning...the close of a weekend of celebration. It really is a time filled with tons of fun...parades, grilling out with friends, fireworks, staying up late. It brings back memories of summers past.

Growing up in Minnesota, my 4th of Julys were spent at "The Cabin."

The days were filled with sun bathing, boating, water skiing, more sun bathing and lots of swimming. I certainly miss those sweet. sweet times.
My little family has been able to enjoy an Independence Day celebration, or two, at "The Cabin" over the years. It is time with Grandma and Papa, lots of swimming, boating and fun with cousins.

This 4th was a bit different, still filled with fun.

We enjoyed time with friends, grilling out at our house. Lots of yummy food and laughter filled our home and patio.

I am so glad to be celebrating the freedoms of this nation. I am also grateful to be an American. I do not take that for granted. I am mindful though, of all those who do not have the freedoms that we celebrated this weekend. It gave me pause for thought...

I have freedom to travel, voice my opinion, choose what I want to be or who to marry, decide how many kids to have, worship God. All of these freedoms have come at a cost. People have paid for these freedoms with their lives. Thinking a bit more...

Jesus Christ has given us the ultimate freedom...freedom from sin and death...into life, by laying down His life! I am grateful for this ultimate freedom, the freedom that knows no borders, no nationality, no economic status. This freedom is available to all...not determined by circumstance or location.

Today we celebrated our nation's freedom, with those who are working to bring "Freedom" to those who sit in darkness around the world. What a great day.

Let freedom ring!