Saturday, July 25, 2009


This week our area has gotten some much needed rain. Well, actually, we have gotten a ton of rain. Or so it has seemed. We have had slightly overcast days give way to torrential downpours in the night. (Now, if you read my last posting, you know that we are waiting on phase IV...the roof part...yeah, that means water coming onto the addition.)

What we have up for the addition is not being damaged by the rain, but we do not want water standing on any part. With Todd being in New Orleans this week with three different teams, I am the primary maintenance person around here. Each morning I have had the opportunity to "sweep" and "vacuum" (dry vac) our addition. The first day I used the push broom to move the water out the door, followed up with the shop vac.

The next morning I realized that I really needed to climb the ladder to the second floor and start there, then move to the first floor. Wow! What a view from up there.

From this perspective, the light shines differently. How wonderful to see a tree from above it's canopy! Things appear much different than they do from my previous position. Nothing has changed, except my position.

Oh Lord, you are so patient with me.

How many times have I been worried about something that I cannot change? Been overcome by the things around me? How many times have I gotten caught up in comparison...based on my view point? When I step back, I seem to get a clearer view. When I dare to see things from God's view point, it all comes into...perspective. I have no need to worry, doubt or compare.

Lord, may I remember to see from your perspective. Let me see "The Big Picture".

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Gayla said...

yes, yes, yes. so good.