Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day...

...but we don't live in Rome!

We are blown away around here at the Hedgepeth House, Hamewith. Phase III is in full swing this morning!!

Bill and Christian arrived on Sunday afternoon, followed by another set from Lancaster, more specifically Ephrata United Zion Church...Lyle and Chris. These guys both work in family businesses and have young families. They left that to come and frame our house this week! Again, we are blessed beyond measure.

The house is really coming together. Bill says that this part is so fun because it goes so fast. It really is awesome! These pictures are from yesterday...
These guys worked tirelessly. By dinner two walls were up on the first floor! We are all so amazed and excited. It is so fun for us to watch Jackson. He is up with them before 7 am to get started. Yesterday Chris and Lyle let him hang with them. He was able to tighten the nuts on the bolts with a power drill...H-E-L-L-O! (Power tools are awesome!) He also helped to move lumber.
This morning he was out "observing". Before too long he had the cinnamon rolls, Gatorade and napkins out! I think that Jackson really gets what is going on here. It brings tears to my eyes.
A few years ago, we had Jackson with us at a YWAM Conference. John Dawson, the current president of our mission, spoke to Jackson. He put his hand on Jackson's head and said, "Jackson, we love you. I want you to know that there will always be a place for you in this mission. You are a part of us." That spoke volumes to us. This project says that to Jackson again. "There will always be a place for you."
A few pictures from early this morning...


Anna said...

Wow! The addition is looking absolutely awesome...what a busy summer you have had!

Karyn said...

Yes, Jackson! There is always a place for you. None of us would be the same without you. What a blessing you are!

The lady of the house... said...

ok, WHERE to start....
first, i LOVE this song, (1234)....i may be stealing/borrowing it for my blog!! :-)

secondly, it's going FAST...framing is so much fun because you finally get to SEE what things will look like. if i were there i would sit with you on the plywood and dream the night away....FUN!

thirdly, GREAT PICTURES Vickie....i like looking through your eyes.

and last, but NOT least....I love that picture of you and Todd on your wedding day...more please!!


P.S. the front of you house looks amazing...Jake says a good landscaping job makes it look like it was always there....and i would say it is so!