Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where Things Stand

James 5:16
"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." -NKJ
"The prayer of a person living right with God is something to be reckoned with." -The Message
Todd is back on US soil, but not home just yet. He returns to North Carolina in the morning. Gabbie continues to be in the loving care of her family in Lome, Togo. All are waiting our return. This whole trip is nothing short of a miracle, or series of miracles...

A few days ago, I asked for angels to "escort" our paperwork. When Todd went to the Notary yesterday, he was greeted by a Christian woman who will handle our paperwork. Everyone signed the papers, family, birth father and Todd. Our papers know travel through the system. Please continue to pray for the process.

While at the Notary, she asked Todd how does she know that this is something that I, as Todd's wife, would agree with. Todd pulled out our dossier. He began showing her our papers and profiles. Then, he had to go through the letters of recommendation that have been sent by family and friends. Todd said that after the 15th letter, he just lost it. He just sat there crying in front of this lady. He was so blown away by the love of our family and friends, their words of recommendation and commendation and to think that they took the time to help us see this dream come true. He was so humbled and grateful.

We are told that we will be notified as to a court date. We will then come and appear before a judge. There are no promises of time, we pray it is very soon. Please pray for this as well. All of this is so bathed in prayer.

About the baby's family and our extended YWAM family...Todd was so welcomed and treated so well. He was cared for before he even touched down. I look forward to hugging everyone in person, and thanking them for how they have cared for Gabbie and for Todd.

Tomorrow, I will be posting pictures!!! I can hardly wait to see. I hope we sleep tonight. Thanks for standing with us. The letters and words of encouragement have carried me through some challenging patches here. I am so grateful!

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