Friday, June 6, 2008


first date!

Auntie Yvonne, caring for Gabbie


this is nice!


sweet cuddle time

hugging on Daddy's legs


Chris & Megan said...

I have just spent the last 20 minutes reading through your blogs over the past week. I sit amazed, I sit moved in my spirit, I sit in awe of a wonderful, loving Father, I sit inspired by your perseverance and your undying expectation of the Lord. What a beautiful little girl Gabbie is. She is blessed to be loved by you, her mother. I am waiting with you for her arrival. Thank you for sharing your heart. -Mem

The Other Way said...

Gabbie is SO beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!!!
Thank you for blogging! I've been checking it every day to hear the updates! (Sometimes more than once!)
Love you!

Tribe Spahr said...

wow, vickie! Todd is absolutely glowing. i love it! im waiting with you guys..

Kristina Schnepf said...

Wow! She is so vibrant! I can NOT wait to meet this little joy:)

Anna said...

Those pictures are fantastic! Sorry we missed out last night on the reception, we didn't get your message on here until this morning. Hope you are having a great weekend!

James said...

We wanted to touch base with you about coming out to see the Blakeney House. I was trying to find the phonebook to call you and of course its vanished.
We were looking at doing something on the 19th of July. We just basically want to invite all the people who could not attened the wedding for one reason or another to one last get together to celebrate. Drop us a line when you can or stop by. Phone number is 2881752. Thanks, hope that you all are having a great day.

Brian and Melissa said...

Hi Hedgepeth family!
I am a friend of James Brown and Anna Clute (I also teach kindergarten at Benton Heights) and they told me about your adoption journey and I'm so excited to follow your adventure! Your little girl is PRECIOUS! We are in the process of adopting a child from Vietnam so I know how hard it is to wait can be! My prayers are with you as you work towards bringing her home! :-)

gaylafriend said...

wow! this is incredible. i have caught up on all i've missed over the past couple of months, and i'm so excited for you!!! what a blessing and joy!!!