Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The King's Way

"The King's Way"
there is a road
that leads to peace
that leads to life
but few will follow
we're at the crossroads
which way will we go
there is not today a more holy way
than the steps that lead me to the cross
where my will can't be the priority
and these crowns I've gained
I count as loss
when I hear the Spirit say
this is the true King's way
-Jason Upton
Great River Road
As Todd's time, in Togo, is coming to a close, we rejoice over all that God has done! I can look and see that this trip was SO of God. I weep with gratitude. I am thankful that God speaks to us, that He leads us. I am so grateful that we listened and moved out in His timing.
The law in Togo has changed! Parents with biological children can adopt. How wonderful. This is a miracle!
Todd goes to the Notary tomorrow. Here he will meet with the biological father and Gabbie's family. Here, they will all sign papers and continue the adoption process. Over the next few weeks, a judge will review our case and we will wait to be appointed a court date. We are told that we will then be contacted to return to Togo to appear before the judge. At that time, a decision will be made.
I am walking very carefully here. We are so close to bringing our sweet baby home. We are not finished yet. Please continue to pray...
*for the meeting to go well tomorrow
*for angels to "escort" our paperwork through the proper channels, quickly and with favor
*for Todd and Gabbie's hearts as they say good-bye tomorrow evening
*for traveling mercies for Todd
*for continued health for Gabbie
Jason Upton's song came to me yesterday. Wow. The way of the cross. His ways are so much higher than mine!
When we started all of this, I really thought it was about a baby, and a family. Slowly, but surely, I have been getting that this is about so much more. To see His ways established on the earth, I need to see that my will is not the priority here...His glory is the priority.
I choose to walk this out His way...the King's way.
One more thing...
My husband is the bravest man I know. Friends have asked if this has been hard for me, knowing that he gets to hold her, love on her, kiss her, and I am at home...waiting. No way!
First of all, with our other kids, he has been the one to meet them first, in person. (Due to both emergency deliveries). Secondly, I am not sure I could leave without my daughter. I just can't imagine a flight full of people putting up with my sobs...you think I'm joking...no. This will be hard for Todd, but he can hold it together in a way that I could not. Someone had to go. He knew, what I have always known...he's "The man!"
We look forward to all the pictures and the stories. We wait, with hopeful hearts, to hold Gabbie soon.
Grace, great Grace!


Tribe Spahr said...

oh vickie, this is beyond beautiful! im rejoicing with you guys today over the changed law in Togo.. wow! God is amazing! when i read your post, psalm 2:8 kept coming to mind... ask of me and i will give you the nations, the ends of the earth as your inheritance... God is giving you guys Togo!! YAY GOD!

Toby & Susan said...

Glory to God! Could it be that you are in for another "emergency delivery"?? We trust the Lord will bring Gabbie through the system now with great favor and speed for the sake of her health and for His Glory. Praying as you've directed and joining with you in the wonder and joy of God's grace.
Love ~ Toby & Susan

Teri said...

Continuing to lift you guys up! We can't wait to hear Gabbie is safe and sound in your arms there in NC. Blessings!

Teri for the gang here...