Thursday, June 5, 2008

Faithfulness on the Home Front

Certainly, I would find, when I opened the door of the refrigerator, that the temperature was back to a "normal", "recommended" zero reading for the freezer. Slowly, I open my eyes as I open the door. Wow. Maybe I have it too room for cold air to circulate...maybe I have covered a fan...maybe...

...maybe my freezer reading is 18 (!!!) because it is broken! I'm not a repair man, but I felt pretty good about my diagnosis. (To be honest, we had a repair man out 2 months ago who warned us that we were living on borrowed time with our fridge).

So, on Tuesday I found myself heading out, "hunting" for yet another kitchen appliance. (Remember last Tuesday I went "hunting" for a dishwasher). This time I was not alone. Last week Ashley's teacher read our blog and so kindly offered to help me, but I had already purchased the dishwasher.

Tuesday I stopped by Mr. Brown's house to ask a few refrigerator questions. After inviting Ashley and I in, Mr. Brown listened to my questions and then said, "Let's Go!"

This man, who has been teaching my daughter this year, and knows me only as a parent, offered to help me pick out a refrigerator. Is this connecting with you? Even as I write this, I am becoming misty eyed. I did not expect this at all. He was serious! He got in our van and drove to another city with us to pick out this major appliance. He gave us three hours of his evening!

This is the last week of school. He is a busy guy. He is not only finishing a school year, preparing for field day, moving to another grade level next year, he is getting married in less than a month! I was so overwhelmed with his kindness, and the faithfulness of the Lord.

Those who know me, know that I do not always wear the "outfit" in public, but I do think that I have to be Super Woman. I feel that I have a responsibility to be all things to all people. The reality is I am tired. I was just having a conversation with the Lord that morning, and I felt like He said that I do not have to be the best at everything. I do not even have to be good at everything. It is okay to let others be great, to let them help.

At HH Gregg, I was again thanking Mr. Brown for helping me. He said something like this, "It's okay. We can't be good at everything. We need to get some help sometimes." I smiled inside, and said, "That's right."

Once again, I went into the now infamous "scratch room" at HH Gregg and found the appliance that seemed to be hand picked by God for me. Great deal! Right color! Even same brand as my "just delivered" dishwasher.

To the Lord I say, "Thank you for my new friends, James and Anna, and for giving them to me in such an unexpected way!

To James Brown, "Thank you for giving your time and expertise to me. The fridge looks great! You really blessed my heart."

To Todd I will say, "Surprise! This is what our stimulus package looks like."

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Anna said...

James just called me in the room and told me that I had to read your latest post and it is touching to say the least! It's hard to admit sometimes that we can't be the best at everything but you just have to take it one step at a time. You say that James has touched your life and I just want you to know that you have touched ours as well! We hope to see you at the wedding in July...all 5 of you!