Monday, December 28, 2009

Who IS coming to dinner?

Tonight I came home from a staff meeting to find the table cleared of laundry and set, with cloth napkins and a dish of perfectly cut limes.

The table is set for six.

The lighting is low.

I asked Todd what was going on. He didn't know because Jackson is the one who did all of this.


Earlier today, I made a homemade turkey soup with egg noodles, carrots, celery, garlic...mmmm good! It had been on the stove for most of the day.

At one point, Jackson became very agitated. I asked him to tell me what he wanted. He got his talker and said, "I want dinner."

"Well buddy, it's only 2:30."

I had to run out to meetings.

I came home to this. It is really quite wonderful. I just wish he would tell us who is coming to dinner.

If you are hungry, please stop by.

The food is hot and the company is sweet!

I promise, you will be well cared for.


Vickie said...

Thank you Steph, Crystal and Lindsay for gracing our table this evening! What a special treat for all of us, eh!?

Lindsay said...

haha it was delicious! im glad the invitation was made.. my belly was doubley full of food and conversation :)

Kristina Schnepf said...

Oh how I laughed with tears in my eyes as I read this blog! I miss everything about Jacks! Maybe he was setting it in hopes I'd show up? love and miss you Vickie!

The lady of the house... said...

this is a gift, but you already knew that!!