Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Treasures in the Attic

Growing up in Minnesota, we did not have an attic. None of my grandparents had attics. (I do not even think we had friends who had attics.)

I would read a book, or see a movie, that had an attic in it. The attics always had a sense of discovery about them. Old trunks to be gone through, some treasure waiting to be discovered.
Oh, the romance of it all.

We had basements. They can be a bit on the scary side. Even at my own house, I would turn the light off at the bottom of the stairs and take the stairs two at a time...outrunning whatever might be chasing me! (That is so funny to me to think about now.)

Well, this house has an attic. Oh how glorious! I had toys in one corner, Christmas decorations in another, bins of baby clothes, a few treasures and a bit of...mmm...stuff (can't bring myself to say "junk"). Well, all that "stuff" had to come down to the main level due to renovations.

Our little house has become smaller and smaller as we have brought bin after bin down! We have turned Jackson's room into a storage room of sorts.

I have already gone through my treasures and given things away, sold a few things, and then put the rest into Jackson's room. The longer it stays in there, the more I want to go through it and whittle my "keep pile" down a little bit more.

What happens when our house is finished? I will want to use some of these treasures to decorate and "clutter" our new space!

We have talked, and dreamed, about what each room should look like. Any evening you can hear...

"The family room could look like this!"

"I think Jackson would like that."

But, we have never discussed the attic. I definitely need to be able to move some things back into that space. We will have easy access through a little door in Ashley's room. We have already called it "The Door to Narnia."

What treasures should be in there? What stories will be told by those who have the joy of discovering these things of old? How exciting to imagine...

...how exciting to have my house back!

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The lady of the house... said...

oh, attics ARE the best! and that door to narnia....is great! easy access makes it even better, (and makes it easier to stay organized). you have lovely treasures i am sure. i would love to sort thru them all and hear the stories to match.

i'm eating cookies now while the children nap! merry christmas to me!!! :-)

we miss you.
we love you.
we expect the best for you in 2010!