Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plain Jane

If you have been out at all lately, you will have seen pink EVERYWHERE! Pink ribbons on people, cars sporting the magnet "save the ta-tas!", pink Kitchen Aid mixers at Target, etc. is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In recent years, I have not needed a calendar month to bring me to an awareness of breast cancer. I have dear friends, who's diagnosis of breast cancer have brought an awareness to me. The most recent "awareness" came five weeks ago, when my sweet, precious friend Jane was diagnosed with bc.

I love Jane so much...there are no words. Her and her husband David are terrific friends.

She is amazing, hysterically funny, generous, a straight talker, a great listener, particular, knowledgable...a true and forever friend.

With that, I introduce a new blog to

Here you can follow Jane's journey, know how to pray for her, write notes of encouragement and pray some more. Thanks friends!

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