Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paris! Mi' Amour

Hubs has been in Norway all week. Oh, the perks of missionary life! Seriously, he was teaching in the Discipleship Training School there. He just loves time with students. From the sounds of it, he has been refreshed!

Another highlight of it all, is spending time with life long friends, Runar and Alice Byberg!

They pioneered the base in Skien, Norway. (One of the most beautiful places in the world!!!) And are the base leaders there.
Runar did his DTS in Hawaii, while Todd was staffing. After his military service, Runar moved to NYC to work with us there. That is where we forged such deep, deep friendship. Oh, the stories.

I am so grateful for Todd to have had this time away.

As we are preparing for his return, I received an e-mail from him, stating that "if all goes well in Paris...blah, blah, blah." I totally zoned out after that. Paris!? Without me!? Well, he will most likely spend all his time in the airport...getting glimpses of Paris from the window of an airplane.


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