Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Warriors

The weekend got off to a great start! With all the materials in place, Bill and Todd prepared for the guys from PA to arrive. These guys took a few days off a few days to drive down from the Lancaster area, to lay the foundation of our home. Their actions speak to the foundations of our hearts as well.

Bill spent some sweet time with Ashley explaining the importance of a firm house building as well as in life building.

At first, our friend Mark was going to come down with a friend and lay the block and brick. He has been sharing our need with his church. Pretty soon, there were five guys that wanted to come down with Mark, to help us here. Including John Boy...who is 11. He and his dad took this trip together. These guys all worked like crazy!

We first met Mark when he come to do a Discipleship Training School at YWAM-New York, when Todd and I were there. Last year he brought his youth group, and his family, down to do Mission Adventures. It has been awesome to be reconnected. It is so special to have his handiwork, at a very foundational level, displayed at our home.

Two of Todd's brothers joined in the fun...Lance and Brad Ford.
Jackson loves being able to be a part of building his new house! It was so sweet, as the younger guys prayed over the meals during the weekend, they thanked God for "helping us to build Jackson's new house."

Thanks Bill, Barry, John, John Boy, Jansen, Kevin and Mark! Lance and Brad too! You guys blessed our socks off!!! All the work that you did here, as well as at the YWAM base. We are so encouraged and refreshed by your visit...and so thankful for the firm foundation that you have laid here (and all the other handy man tasks you did). Bless you guys! Can't wait for you to come again.

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