Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Best Nest

Have you ever read The Best Nest, from the Dr. Seuss Beginner Books? Mrs. Bird is unhappy with her nest and demands Mr. Bird look for a new nest. After much searching and finagling, Mr. Bird finds a location that “The Missus” seems to like. After some food wrangling, Mr. Bird returns to find Mrs. Bird gone. Searching, he finds Mrs. Bird back at the original nest. She has discovered that really, their original nest is really what is best for them. (Sorry to ruin the ending if you have never read it!)

When Todd and I first got married, we did not imagine owning our own home. We thought we would be working and living at different YWAM locations around the world. It wasn’t until we started pioneering YWAM-Charlotte, and received a diagnosis of autism for Jack, that we realized things might look a bit different for us. We were amazed (still are) at the house that the Lord provided for us almost 12 years ago.

This 1910 bungalow is just around the corner from YWAM-Charlotte. We can see the YWAM property from our front porch! This bungalow housed the office and provided hospitality for our guest speakers when we first started. We know that it was a miraculous provision for us, and a real anchor in what God is doing here.

This past spring has brought with it a few changes in how we are approaching Jack’s future. Up until this point, we have focused all of our “training” of Jackson on learning and socialization. The educators and specialists that we see have recommended a change in focus to add daily living skills, independent living and job training. Of course, it is impossible to have this kind of conversation without bringing up “group home”, options for living and life. (This is where I wish I were talking about someone else’s kid and have a conversation with the Lord about broken dreams, expectations and His complete faithfulness).

Over the last few years, Todd and I have dreamed a bit with the Lord, regarding building onto our house. We need office space as we work out of our house, more space to provide hospitality for our staff and students and an apartment for Jack to live independently yet still under our roof.

At our last Christmas party, we were so glad to have our dear friends Bill and Bridgett Blatz here with us. They were here teaching in the Discipleship Training School, and were happy to join in on the Christmas fun. We have known Bill for more than 20 years. He has been a leader, mentor and dear friend to us, having worked together in YWAM-NY. Bill is a Grade “A” Builder in Virginia, and founder of the non-profit, Regal International, Ltd.

After the party, Bill pulled us aside. He asked us if we had ever considered adding on to our house. Well, as a matter of fact…

Bottom line, Regal International Ltd. has approached us about doing this home addition for us...designing and overseeing the project at no cost to us.

We are recruiting skilled laborers to come and give of their time and talents. We are also raising monies to fund this endeavor (building supplies, permits, etc). Please pray for us as we build this "nest".

We are so grateful for your prayers, love, gifts and talents. Watch for updates!


Aimee said...

Thanks so much for visiting and saying hello! What a blessing that you will be able to build onto your house soon! I hope the project goes very well and that you'll get it finished soon!

It was nice "meeting" you! :)

Sharon said...

How awesome? Would I know this Bill since he was in NY?