Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh, how I love Christmas time!

It is not just Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but the whole season! Of course, it is filled with wonderful memories, and I am wanting to make wonderful memories for my children and others. It is the excitement and kindness in the air, the anticipation of something about to happen, the sense of wonderment. It truly is wonderful!

If I could, I would put up our tree before family simply says, "No." (They do not say no to me very often, so...the day after Thanksgiving it is! (I would leave it up until Valentine's Day, but the tree needles abandon me before then.)

This year we have celebrated the season in a number of ways. We have had the town Christmas Parade, Ashley was on her school's first float this year!

Then there was the lighting of the city's Christmas tree. Ashley is in chorus this year, and her school sings at the lighting each year. It is so wonderful. This year the songs were just beautiful, celebrating the birth of Christ.

After the tree is lit, a salutation from the mayor, the Christmas prayer given by a local pastor and the promised "snow" falls, it was off to have a carriage ride, some hot tea and coffee at Sweetea's. It was a wonderful evening. I found myself thanking the Lord for the community He has placed us in. It is His hand that has placed us where we are at. I am truly grateful.

We continued to celebrate with our annual Christmas Party and gift exchange, times with friends, choral performances at the mall, PTA and school, our traditional St. Lucia Day celebration, and so much more. We have been busy, and we have enjoyed every moment!

During much of the year, I hear about the absence of God in our world today. Now, I know we are living in a post modern society, but the Word says that "where two or three gather in His name, there He is in the midst of them." God isn't absent from us. We are to be His representatives, so to speak, in this world. We are His hands, His feet, His arms...

It shouldn't be just during this time of year that we are nice to each other, that we prefer one another, that we share a cheery should be all year through. Reach out to others. If you sense that God is "missing" somewhere, go and show that He is not.

We can make it the most wonderful time of the year, all year through.

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Karyn said...

Yes ,yes, yes!!! Of course you already know this, but I love this time of year too!! And for all the same examples you gave, just West Virginia style instead :)

When I looked at the Christmas party pic of Todd & Chris, I was so confused as to who the young woman was to the right of Todd. After going through everyone in my head, I realized that is Amanda!!!! Oh my goodness! She looks like a young lady!

Anyway, thank you for sharing the pics and your heart!