Monday, December 8, 2008

Frosty and Friends!

What an amazing day I had! I recently got to spend the ENTIRE day in my friend Tammy's craft room...making snowmen, or as her husband Al says, "A whole snow family!"

Tammy invited me over for a day of "play". She had sent me a photo from the magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors. I could not resist! I had a hard time sleeping for two nights before venturing off to her house. I had such anticipation. Oh...this was therapy. I love therapy!!

We started out with vintage bottles.

All of my bottles were from my grandparents farm in Minnesota. When I was young I loved to explore, and their farm was the perfect place! I could get "lost" in the groves for hours. When I was about 10 or 12, I loved going on "digs"...looking for treasures for another time period. I would find old toys, dishes and bottles. I started collecting the bottles. They have been in our attic waiting for this very moment! And boy, did they come through!

Tammy and I spent time altering our bottles into little snow personalities. We would get excited over every new creation, as they came to life.

These are just adorable little glass bottles filled with stuff...and love. I have had such joy creating!
As I was doing this, I was thinking of all of God's creation...the universe, the stars, the trees, animals of the fields and birds of the and woman! In Genesis it tells us that when God finished creating things He would look around and say, "This is good." When He finished with man and woman He said, "This is very good!"
We are made in the image of God...not the other way around, as we sometimes get it mixed up, therefore, we are creative. (Some of us have to dig a little deeper than others to find it!) So, imagine the JOY!!! that the Lord had in creating each of us.
Jeremiah 1:5 says that even before He created us in our mother's womb, He "consecrated" us. That would "consecrated" means, "destined with a purpose." Each one of us was created with a destiny, dreamed in the heart and mind of God! That just blows me away! Here, I get excited about creating these adorable snowmen, and seeing their "seemingly" personalities come about and they are mere clay!
God created man/woman in His imagine!!!...with a purpose!!!!...with a destiny!!! Can you say "Amazing"? Wow! What revelation comes to me when I get to be creative.
On this day, may you know the pure JOY that God has for He was creating you and as He watches you walk out in all that He has for you. May you know the dreams and destiny that He, Creator God, has desired for you.
I'm so happy just to be creating.

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Anna said...

Wow looks like you all had a great time making the snowmen! They are adorable!