Monday, May 5, 2008

The Modern Day Devotional

Oh how I love the sight of a well worn devotional.

My grandparents house had devotionals tucked away in the sweetest of places. In the study, above the desk, behind the door. On an end table in the living room, the night stand in the bedrooms, the back of the toilet. They were never "strategically" placed to influence others. I believe they were simply in the places where they were read, studied and sought out for inspiration and encouragement.

I am fortunate enough to have "inherited" many of these precious books. They inspire and encourage another generation to walk in the ways of Jesus. I love to read these books and see my grandparent's handwriting, questions written in the margins, pages folded at places of meditation. I wonder what they were going through at the time of these readings. Times have changed, for certain. Truth has not.

A classic favorite for me is Oswald Chambers collection, "My Utmost for His Highest". Oh how it provokes me.

For Christmas, my mom-in-law gave me a devotional, "Letters from Ruth's Attic...31 Daily insights for knowing God's Love", by Ruth Bell Graham. I have been so encouraged by Ruth's insight. She shares simple stories from her life and then brings it back to Jesus. One day, while reading, it suddenly occurred to me...

Blogging is the modern day devotional! I find myself cozying up to my computer some days with a cup of coffee, expecting to be challenged to walk deeper, run harder, press further on than before. (Check out my "Stops Along the Way." You will be challenged and encouraged by Resolved2Worship, Jake and Janelle's, The Smiths in Kenya, just to name a few!)

When I started blogging, a friend asked "why?" She said she just did not get it. Well, I get a whole lot and I am grateful. Thank you friends for sharing your hearts, your struggles, joys and the incredible faithfulness of the Lord!

I pray that my simple ramblings will encourage others to walk deeper, run harder and press further on.

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Colleen said...

I really want to come visit this summer :)! I LOVE YOU :)!