Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Her Father's Arms

I am torn.My arms ache to hold our little one, and yet, at the same time, my heart is thrilled that Todd is the one to love on her right now. He has taken a taxi to see her each day, holding her the entire time he is with her. He prays over her, kisses her, tickles her and whispers truth into her ear.

Today he brought her to the market. Todd and the "Aunties" went shopping for fabrics to make our family some clothes...Togo style! Gabbie fell asleep in his arms. It does not get any better than that...on both ends, for the baby and the daddy!

I remember, as a little child, crawling into my daddy's lap. I felt so safe and loved. Sometimes he would read, sometimes we would chat, or we would just be still. Oh, the comfort. I know, for a fact, that those were special times for my dad as well. Ashley and I envy Todd so much, that he gets to be there, pouring love out all over this tiny one. We've told him to whisper precious things in her ear!

I find my "mother's heart" wants to be the one to hold her, kiss her, dress her, comfort her. I want to make her smile,to take her picture, to bathe her and cuddle her. I want to rub her back and caress her. I want to be the one. That is what a mother does. My heart cries out.

As my heart cried out today, I just sensed that the Lord was saying that as big as my "mother heart" is, His "Father Heart" is even bigger. He loves and cares for her in ways that I cannot even fathom. He is the only one who can fully meet Gabrielle's needs, and He is the only one who can fully meet my needs. As daughters, we both are carried in Father's arms.

I hear Him whisper to my deepest being, "Courage, Daughter."

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! We are seeing answers to our specific requests!We are grateful.

Please pray for
*divine appointments for Todd
*the ban on adoptions to be lifted (due to child trafficking)
*a way for us to bring Gabbie home, and a safe passage through the legal system
*a miracle

The Lord has encouraged us in so many ways. Today was no exception! Rachel called from the office this morning. "Vickie, there are some YWAMmers here...from Togo!" She could hardly get the words out. (I could feel her excitement through the phone!)

This is Patricia, her husband Chris and nephew George. Patricia is like a sister to Komi (Gabbie's uncle). She has served in YWAM for many years and now lives in Charlotte. Months ago her husband passed our location and went home to tell Patricia that YWAM was here. She told him he must be mistaken. Then, it was confirmed to her through friends in YWAM-Richmond. They got in the car and drove out today. Rachel greeted them. When they said they were from Togo, Rachel told them that we were adopting from Togo, they said, "Yes! We have heard."

What a small world. God just knew the encouragement this would bring to my heart. (It made Rachel and Kristina pretty excited too!) We look forward to having Patricia come again soon!

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Folded Wings said...

Oh Vickie she is so so sweet with a lovely spirit. Who is fostering her now? oh may she go home soon to be with all of you!!!