Sunday, February 3, 2008

Game On!

Dear Vickie,

I'm back, Baby! Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday! I'm ready to bake all the amazing things needed for a fabulous party...yummy tater skins, pizza rolls and mini pigs in a blanket, so much more. It feels good to be back in the game. You can count on me!

xoxoxo...your "oh, so fab!" oven

You got that right! We are back in the game. The repair man has come through...My hubby! This is really amazing. By his own admission, Todd is not "Mr. Fix-It." In fact, if there is a "honey, do" list in our house, it is usually for me. (We are both fine with this.) However, for the stove I had to call it in. My hubby, the new "Mr. Fix-It" did it!

After taking it apart, and through a process of elimination, he went with the heating element. Bingo! We are ready to go. We are heating things up around here. Meanwhile...Todd arrived in Switzerland on Friday, his luggage arrived on Sunday along with his winter coat...bbrrrrrr!

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The lady of the house... said...

YIPPEE TODD!!!! I guess a man will do anything for food, including digging deep to find the "handy man" within!!!!!!! I want to be standing by that stove making some tea with you by my side. Maybe sometime this year! How wonderful that would be!! I'm seriously considering meeting you in NYC!! I'll keep you posted.
Baby crying....must go.