Thursday, February 21, 2008

at the end of an ordinary day

I do not want to post for posting sake. I want to write out of inspiriation. I want my words to be words of encouragement, to bring laughter for a moment, to provoke a thought every now and then.

Yesterday, I just felt that I had to post about Jackson and that part of our journey. Somedays with Jackson are amazing, others are days I can only get through by the grace of God. The reality is that we all have days like that. God has always been faithful to provide ALL that we need, right? When my eyes are on Him, my perspective is "spot on."

After posting yesterday, I reflected on the pure goodness of the Lord as we have traveled together these years. I look back and see the hand of God, ever present.

Then last night, after holding a newborn baby, making dinner, doing laundry, checking homework, giving hugs, signing agendas...the phone rings. "Hello, Hedgepeths."

For the next 30 minutes, I had a conversation with a mom who has just moved here with her family. She was given my name and number by a friend. This family knows they have been led to this area by the Lord. And, their young son is overcoming autism.

She shared her heart. After our conversation, I had to tell her that I am so proud of her. Her journey has not been as long (her little boy is much younger than Jackson) but it has been intense. To hear her heart, to hear God so BIG in her. I was so encouraged.

We definitely are getting together for dinner...soon. (Especially now that the oven works, right?!)

At the end of an ordinary day, I have seen the hand of God.


gaylafriend said...

"at the end of an ordinary day, i have seen the hand of God."

mmmmmm... i love that.

i love that song that says, "it's just another ordinary miracle today." every day is like that... i don't take the time to notice everyday, though,like i should.

thanks, vickie.

The lady of the house... said...

OH! I love your new page design!


The Other Way said...

Hey lady!
I got to hear about your conversation from DeAnn - what a creative God we serve! The way He orchestrated you two talking! And you ministered to her more than you will ever know! Thank you for encouraging her! Thank you for encouraging me!
Love love love you!

The Other Way said...

Forgot to sign my name...