Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention." -Plato

Oh, the inventions I have seen with over these last weeks! The technology I have seen has caused me say, "Thank you, God!"

Seriously! I have moved into a place of total gratitude to the Lord for the ideas that He has unleashed into the minds of men (and women). The invention and technology have saved countless lives. Once again, in an unassuming way, the Lord has shown His great love to me...and to those I love.

I am totally impressed with "the vest" that goes around a bedridden patient. It vibrates the patient to keep lungs clear. When Jackson was inti bated, he had to have this therapy daily. It sounded like the high spin cycle of my washer. It last about 10 minutes, then they took it off and were on their way. How amazing for family members who are in long term comas. Just fascinating.

When Jackson went into surgery for his arm, the doctors had to remove dead tissue and the infection that was hiding beneath it, leaving a very large wound. Into that wound, they placed the "wound V.A.C." The Vacuum-Assisted Closure heals the wound 3 times faster.

The doctor told us that Jackson would be wearing this for 2-3 months. It stays on 24 hours a day and is changed every three days. He is sedated for the change out.

All this time, other doctors have come in for the procedure, to see the "impressive" wound. Well, at yesterday's procedure, everyone was SO impressed with the healing. The surgeon feels that he can move Jackson to a change out schedule of two days a week! He also feels that this healing may be wrapped up in three weeks! This is a miracle.

I believe the invention of the V.A.C. (at Bowman Gray Medical Center right here in North Carolina!) is a miracle. On top of that, God has preformed a miracle specific to the expedited healing of Jackson's arm.

We have walked through some very dark days here, the Lord being present in each moment of every day. Jackson came home last night to a very happy family. We still have a long road to travel. I am learning to go slow and enjoy the walk...I've been running for a very long time.

Back to necessity and Plato...

I see where Plato was coming from. There is a need, and we have a desire to see it met. It's part of the creativity that resides inside of each of just comes out in different ways. What other inventions is the Lord wanting to release through his creation? The cure for autism, cancer, AIDS...the list goes on. What about the solution for clean water? Yes, I am sure of it. Friends and co-workers are woking on that right now...others are digging wells.

There is so much out there, that we are able to address. We need to first, look outside of ourselves and see the need. Then, we need to seek a way to meet that need.

You may not have the cure for autism (wish you did!), but you may have the answer to something to advocate for someone with autism, how to get a meal to someone shut inside their home, training families in Africa to farm so that they can provide for their families. Maybe you have the knowledge and resources to make your local school better.

The thing is, there are many needs out there, each of us, in our own realm, has the way to meet that need. Go for it!

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Anonymous said...

I prayed for the situation with Jackson and I felt clearly lead by the Holy Spirit to pray for you Vicky for strenght in this path you are walking andI felt He said to me you aretired deep in yourself and it is not easy - you sound god and positive etc but deep in your heart, between you and him, He knows there is a tiredness because of the heavy burden. Just wanted to encourage you to know Heknows and hears and responds to your core desires and heart.