Friday, October 1, 2010


It's been so long since I have been here, I almost forgot the way. Really. Some may have thought I had lost my way. No worries, I'm back.

Gabi is sleeping on this beautiful fall afternoon. Ashley is just out the window at the "City Park." Jackson is watching a movie. Todd is out running errands and I am sitting here with the laptop. All seems so normal. (Well, not the part of me sitting with the laptop, especially in the afternoon.) So, let me give you a glimpse of what is really happening around here!

It is a beautiful fall day here in downtown Charlotte. Yes, downtown. Jackson has been in PICU and on the Pediatric floor for almost two weeks. So, Gabi is sleeping on the bench/parent bed in Jackson's room. Ashley is outside his room's window, playing at the beautiful park, provided by Microsoft and he and I are watching Aristocats for the millionth time. I'm not complaining.

After 6 days of being intibated and all those days in PICU, I am thrilled to have him in a room, sitting up and watching movies between naps and walks around the floor. It is Friday and as "everyone knows", Friday is sundae making day in the playroom. (How did Todd luck out to be here for two, yes 2!, Fuel Pizza parties. That is more my style!)

We have had a very intense couple of weeks, preceeded by a very intense summer (no time, or heart, for blogging). I am "back logged" with thoughts, amazing stories of what has gone on this summer...with the house, sweet baby girl Gabi, Jackson and awesome big sis, Ashley.

For now, this simple update, from room 208...

Almost 2 weeks ago, Jackson was brought to the hospital, for an infection in his arm. After 36 hours of intense antibiotics and no visable change, Jackson was seen by a pediatric surgeon, sent for an MRI and then immediately into surgery. Here, the doctor had to remove a portion of Jackson's forearm. To say the situation was serious would be an understatement!

Later in the week, the surgeon let us know how serious it threatening. Then, over the weekend, the attending pediatrician told Todd, "Your son is very lucky. People in his situation usually do not make it to the hospital." Well, how thankful to get this information after the fact. Seriously! I know it is God's grace that I made it through each day. And God's mercy that Jackson is alive.

We are so grateful. We have a long road ahead of us. I have seen God inspired inventions on this journey. Technology that would amaze you. Things that are used to save Jackson's arm and his life. I am grateful.

I am also grateful for the incredible friends that have offered to sit with us, spend the night with Jackson so we could get a night at home, texts from a far, meals, a friend that flew in...just for a few hours...because he and his wife wanted us to know that we are not alone. There are the amazing friends that have brought meals, offered to help with the girls, sent notes, left messages on the phone, prayed for us, telling others to pray for us, etc.

To be the recipient of all this love and outpouring of kindness leaves me speechless (a miracle in itself, right!?) and teary.

We continue to covet your prayers as we walk through this season. We do not know how long we will be least another week, maybe longer.

Not sure what the path looks like from here on out. We definitely are not lost, just taking it slow, one day at a time.


The lady of the house... said...

just know we love you.
we love you all.
Jake & Janelle & crew!

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