Sunday, May 16, 2010

and the e-mail says...

"Your baby is waiting for you!!!"

Okay, after waiting on her for three and a half years, this news was really mind blowing! It took me days to get my head and heart around it.

Needless to say, we are over the moon! ...and on our way to Africa!!!

We leave early this week. We have gone from waiting for all these years to moving at the speed of light, almost.

People have asked how they can help. There are a few ways...

Of course we covet your prayers for

*First and foremost, THANKSGIVING for all the the Lord has done, and his faithfulness to us

*safe travels there and back

*may we find favor with God and man, in all things

*grace and peace on our "home team"...our kids and our friend Kristina, who will be caring for them

*transition for baby and her aunts and uncles, who have been sacrificially caring for her since birth

*for a very special attachment to be formed between us and our newest little Hedgepeth (that sounds great, doesn't it?)

*finances...of course we have been putting money aside, and are so grateful for the generousity of family and friends. As this waiting period has swiftly turning to running, we are finding that we are still have a need. If you would like to help out financially, you can send your tax deductible donation to Youth With A Mission, 418 E. Franklin Street, Monroe, NC 28112. Please include, on a separate piece of paper, "Hedgepeth Baby".

*Oh, and in case any of us have forgotten, we are in the middle of a home renovation (how they do it in an hour on television is beyond me!) We have a team coming this next weekend. Bill is "on call"! We are in need of a skilled electrician, and HVAC person and many other volunteers. If you can get away in the next week or two, or if you want to knwo how you can help, please contact Bill Blatz at 804 426-4059. Let's "Get 'er done!"

Alright! This has been an incredible post to write...and it was only written for those who could not hear it from the roof tops!!!

As the word has gotten out, I have been overwhelmed at the response. There have been shouts and tears and dancing and singing and more tears and plans for parties...all in the last three days! I have seen, so very clearly, that we have not been on this long journey alone. There have been so many that have chosen to "slip on your flip flops, tie your shoes, pull up your boots"...and even walked in bedroom be with us on this journey.
Thank you...we are forever grateful!
Now, let's keep moving folks... Our baby is waiting for us!!!!!!!!!


Anna said...

Vickie...we were SO THRILLED when we saw your post on Facebook that you are finally going to bring home your baby girl! You will be in our prayers as you travel and we can't wait to see pictures of your completed family soon!! :)

Småenglenes verksted said...

I am so happy for you guys, just the other week I was looking for news about your baby, in case I hadn't noticed it - really can't express my joy for you - she is so blessed to have you as a family. Tone

Sharon said...

Again...SO excited for you! Not sure if you will be able to blog while in Africa but will be anxiously waiting to see your sweet girl in your arms and FOREVER FAMILY DAY!!!! Will be praying for the "home team", the transition for all of you. For an unbelievable peace to surround your baby girl, her family she leaves behind, and for you and Todd...that she may trust you completely from minute one. I have said it before but it is an incredible journey and will shed new light on what God did for us as He adopted us into his family....!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! Im sooo excited!! I cant believe it! when I saw Todds facebook I was like no really for real its time! so I had to come double check Im about to cry and me lil nephew is looking at my like whats wrong rachel but Im soo excited for you guys I pray about her all the time and o she is finally coming home! Praise God!! miss you guys xoxo

Vickie said...

Thanks everyone! We were in DC today, and were able to get our visas. We appreciate the prayers and words of encouragement! We'll post as we can.

sandi ware said...

Many in my prayer network are continuing to fast and pray for you and for us as a family. We have the assurance that the message was correct "your baby is waiting for you" was the headline in heaven for HE who is the WAY has gone ahead and made the WAY taking care of every detail. I am rejoicing that soon I have a new granddaughter and get to learn a new language!! REJOICE!

Teri said...

I missed this post, so imagine my surprise when I got your newsletter today!!! YAYYYYYYY!!! So excited for you! Can't wait to hear tha you have her home! Blessings!