Friday, January 22, 2010

God of Faithfulness

Our hearts and prayers have been for Haiti this week as we have watched the television and gotten word from friends.

YWAM Haiti has posted news here. It is incredible, on the ground, real time footage.

When I hear the stories of rescues, I am absolutely amazed at God's faithfulness!

Just moments ago, I got an email from YWAM-Orlando. Friends had sent out an email, letting us know that a YWAM team, in Port-au-Prince had just pulled out a man that had been under the rubble for 10 days! His wife was there when they pulled him out, he was talking. He is at the hospital at this very moment. PRAY!

My mother-in-law told me of her friend's orphanage that sustained NO damage during the earth quake. The week prior to the quake, they had gotten days and days of rain, in a usually dry season. The directors at the orphanage were so puzzled by this crazy weather...until the day after the quake. All their cisterns are FULL of pure, clean water.

God is faithful. Please continue to pray. There are so many people responding to this great need. (I have heard that financial giving has already surpassed that given towards Hurricane Katrina). We have friends leaving out of YWAM-Orlando on Sunday to give a hand.

Again...pray! There are so many miraculous stories yet to be told.

Our prayers make a difference!

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thanks for sharing this. I love your new photos - you have such a beautiful family. Tone