Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Making of a Munchkin

Our house is "a buzz" with activity! Being "a buzz" is nothing new to our house, but this activity is new and exciting for us.

In September, Ashley went to open auditions at the high school for "The Wizzard of Oz." They were looking for children for the munchkin roles. Our sweet little "munchkin" made it and we are thrilled.

The first meeting was a hummin' with excitement, as the high schoolers made way for over 40 munchkins in the auditorium. The director explained the dynamic of this cast and how things would work out...including a budget falling between $40,000-$50,000. This will help to bring in the company from Vegas that will handle the flying monkeys!!! (This is no backyard performance, I can assure you).

We have had good rehearsals, meeting one night a week and Saturday mornings. An earlier rehearsal found each parent bringing home drawings of costumes that need to be made. Oh boy, I get to be creative. I love this sort of stuff!!!

Guess who else loves this kind of stuff? You got it..."Mini Me."

This is where it can get a bit tense, "can" being the operative word. It can be "I want this. I want to do that. This is the color I want. But I want this.", etc. Ashley and I have had nothing but FUN here. We have colaborated well. She gave me the colors she wanted. I threw in some ideas and here we go. I found a few things on my own, at Goodwill. We have also done shopping together, each giving and taking as we go "down the yellow brick road!"

So many times during this season that I am in, I think about how my parenting is to reflect the Father's parenting. Am I doing a good job? Am I correctly mirroring God's great love for His children. His patience? His desire for fellowship with his kids. He just loves to be with us! To give imput into our lives, to direct us in the ways we should go.

One attribute of God is creativity. God loves to create...duh! He is the Creator of this amazing universe! He loves to create and work with us. We were created for relationship. Many times this relationship is viewed as servant/Master, student/Teacher, child/Parent...the friendship factor, many times, is missing from the equation. And yet, God wants to have friendship with us! It is possible to have these relatioships with the The Friendship Factor in place!

(I am not abdicating my role as parent, or saying that I can take God's command as a "good idea" and roll it around a bit. I am all about total, immediate obedience. Just do not forget the friendship part!) God wants to hear our hearts. He wants to listen to our dreams and ideas. He also wants us to listen to His dreams and ideas. He wants to do things together with us. Try it. It is so much fun! May I be like David, a"friend of God".

Today we found the final piece of the "outfit puzzle" ...we think.

As she goes to rehearsal tonight, I will be putting my pedal to the metal...the pedal of my sewing machine that is! I am so proud of my daughter, my little munchkin, my friend!


Cody and Amy Spahr said...

oh i cant wait to see the finished product? and whens the performance? the wizard of oz is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! You two are having so much fun! I wish we could be there to see the performance. I like The Wizard of Oz! I know Ashley will do great. Love You, Jeanine

Teri said...

Amen! I can't wait to see the pics from the play. I know she will do great!