Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sixteen Candles

In an earlier post, I promised to share my "Blooms of Summer". I was trying to explain the lack of postings by saying, "I did more blooming than blogging this summer!" So, before the first snowfall comes...

I remember turning 16...probably because it was just a few years ago. I loved the movie "Sixteen Candles" with Molly Ringwald...Lord knows I've seen it WAY more than 16 times! Being 16 was amazing! I really loved it.

Now, as of May 1, I am a parent of a 16 year old, hard to believe, but true. That's right, Jackson turned 16! This was such a monumental day for us.

It doesn't seem that long ago that we were walking to the hospital in Elizabeth, New Jersey, to deliver our first born. Yes, I walked 6- 8 blocks, during intense labor, stopping to lean over a newspaper box when the contraction got to be too much. I'd do it all over again. My labor lasted a whole 5 hours...gotta love that!

Back to the blooms...

I love my son. I loved him before I even knew he existed. I imagined the joys of motherhood before I even met his dad. I've always dreamed of being a mom, and I have always planned to love my kids with intensity and much joy. Our dreams and plans do not always turn out as planned, but life is still rich and beautiful and joy-filled!

When Jackson smiles, the whole world is smiling. He has a great sense of humor. You can see it in his face. Having a non verbal child is very challenging (and that is the understatement of the year) but, it really helps us fine tune our listening skills. We now listen with our eyes, our spirit and then our ears. It is amazing what you can hear when no words are spoken.

Jackson is very loving and sensitive. He will come up to us and spontaneously give us a hug...miracle. He LOVES his Papa. He will just come and sit close...just to be near. On a recent visit from my parents, Jackson would be put to bed by his helper. Once she left, he would come back out of his room and just squeeze in next to my dad and sit for a half hour or so.

Jackson is creative. He loves to paint and cook. His watercolors are really beautiful. I sometimes think he has captured a world I have yet to see.

Birthdays are a BIG deal to us...we just love having a reason to celebrate with friends!!! Turning 16 is a BIG deal. Other kids would be celebrating their driver's license so...

Todd worked with an agency here and he found a HUGE advocate for Jackson. Melinda is amazing. She worked so fervently to see this dream come true. Besides having fun, (and Melinda says having fun is enough!) maybe Jackson can eventually get a paper route in our neighborhood! Todd is hoping that Jackson may one day be able to drive a riding lawn mower. Right now, Jackson loves to give rides.

Jackson...we celebrate you and your life. We love you more than words can say.


Anna said...

What a wonderful tribute to Jackson! James says you need to come over soon to watch a TN game with us! Game is 7:45 tonight :)

Cody and Amy Spahr said...

so precious! hey, you tell that sweet child of yours i never got my ride in the golf cart... soon! :)

Karyn said...

I just realized I haven't been given a ride yet either!

Have you ever thought about putting Jackson's art in the art walk? Seriously. You should.

Vickie said...

I have thought about it! And, after what I have seen, I think he would fare pretty well. I want to have Julia come over and see some of it. I may have him work on a few pieces for the Spring. Thanks for the encouragement!