Sunday, October 12, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

At 10:15 a.m. there is knocking at my door. This time Todd and Ashley are at church, Jackson is watching 101 Dalmatians and I am watching my Bible Study session on my computer. Wayne, friend, brother, neighbor and fellow ywammer is at the door. Hmmmm...I see my next door neighbor walking back to her house. Wayne says, "Call the sheriff."

This time I will give a bit of a layout of the neighborhood for you. As YWAM, we have two houses on this street. Also, two ywam families own houses on this same street, there is another family just around the corner and one family about a mile away. The house across the street from ours is called "Hospitality House."

This sweet little house is totally furnished to welcome guests that come through, either visiting or volunteering with YWAM-Charlotte. Well, to my surprise, just moments before Wayne came running over, the neighbor decided to adorn this yard with...

...his Chevy Blazer! First, let me say, no one was hurt. The baby was in her car seat. Although she lost her shoe, she was uninjured.

I just looked at Wayne (who with his wife Karyn had witnessed the whole incident from their front porch) and said, "How in the world?!!"

This guy driving lives right next door to me. From his drive way to this front yard is MAYBE 50 feet! He did peel out of the gravel driveway. The cement wall of the neighbors, and then of Hospitality House, indicate that he must have hit the wall causing him to go air born.

After he knew everyone was okay, Wayne asked "What happened?" Our neighbor only said, "My wife." (For the record, she was not driving.) Sounds a bit like Adam... in the garden. My neighbor did pass the Breathalyzer test. Although, he could not produce a valid ID or Driver's License.

I sit on my front porch and thank Jesus that no one was hurt. The car did not flip. The passengers are only shaken up. There were no children playing outside or pedestrians walking by. It is a miracle of a day.

Well, I think Todd will be surprised at how well we took care of the neighborhood while he and Ashley were at church. We saw a few miracles of our own right here on Talleyrand!


Heather said...

No need for the traditional gnome as the lawn ornament when you have white SUVs...

Glad to hear that everyone was okay...I kinda miss the interesting life of a Talleyrand resident...and I miss you!

Anna said...

Wow sounds like your "break" has been eventful to say the least! Glad to hear that everyone was OK, i'm sure it was a huge surprise to open up your front door to that sight!