Friday, November 22, 2013

When Monroe, North Carolina meets Monroe, Louisiana...

Last year I was flying out of Charlotte to attend some meetings in London. I had an early flight and the airport was not very full yet. I love early mornings at the airport. I have an anticipation of what is in store. It is quiet. I just have sweet reflections with the Lord. So, on this early morning, I saw someone dressed just like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. I mean, down to the sunglasses.

Now, at this time, the show was just getting off the ground. Wal-Mart was not carrying their merchandise, the phrase "Happy, Happy Happy" had not caught on yet, etc.

No one was approaching him, or even seeming to notice him. I had watched the show. (I have been know to watch a reality series or two. I am a fan of A&E television.) So, as we were approaching each other, I said, "Well hello! Do you have Miss Kay with you." I figured this way, if he was a look a like, he would be complimented and I would not look the fool!

"Yes I do! Let's go on over and say hello!"

Oh. My. Word!!! It was Phil and Miss Kay and their oldest son Alan and his wife. They had just come from a speaking engagement and were headed home to LA. I sat down because I did not want to draw a crowd. I just wanted to let them know that I appreciated their "Family and Faith" values and it really comes through in the show. We had a wonderful chat. I got to hear more about Phil's time being a pastor, how Si get's so many letters of proposal, and that Alan's wife is the original daughter in law!

I asked them if I could get a picture of them. They said they would take a picture WITH me. (Okay, so much for not drawing a crowd!) It really was a sweet time for me. I walked away with the biggest smile because I had just encountered some authentic, genuine, God loving people.

It was a special time for me. Now, when I see them on A&E, I know that what you see is what you get.   And, when this "I am Second" campaign came out earlier this week, I know it is real too!

Take the time to watch. It is so good!

Love God. Love People.

It is so simple. And, it is what we have been called to do.