Sunday, October 6, 2013

"She's Back!"

"Love is what carries you; it's always there, even in the dark."

                                                                                                 -Wendell Berry

To be truthful, it is a bit embarrassing to realize that it has been almost two years since I have been here, on the blog, writing, sharing life. Two years is a long time. I have wanted to come back, but I needed the time to be right. I needed to see order come back to my home, my life, my health. 

I have wondered if I should just close it all up, pretend it isn't here. Move on, start over, start fresh. Nice and neat...just how I like things. Fortunately, God does not operate like that. 

He is a God of redemption and restoration. And I am grateful. I really like what is here, it has just had to take a back seat to A LOT of other priorities. But now is the time!

God's plan is always to redeem all that is lost and restore all that is broken...He just needs willing participants.  I want to be one who is able to see beyond the loss and brokenness, straight through to the beauty that can come. I need to have God's perspective. I WANT to see through the eyes of God.

The past few years we have been walking through darkness, not overwhelmed by darkness, just walking through some dark, lonely, sad, overwhelming times. In the midst of it all, I KNOW that "Love", aka God,  has carried us. The darkness has not defined us. We refuse to allow that. In the midst of the darkness, we have experienced tremendous JOY.

"For the Joy of the Lord is my Strength!"

                                                                                                         -Nehemiah 8:10

We have been desperate for that strength. God has met us. He has heard us. He has carried us...

...and it's good to be back!


Jeanine said...

So good to see you are back! I've always enjoyed reading your post, and I LOVE the family picture! I love you!

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