Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow Flurry Equations

snow in the Monroe = 2 hour delays and cancellations=fun

Now, that is the kind of equation that we like around here! For the third time this year, we have had snow. Last night's snow did equal a 2 hour delay today. For me, it was glorious. In the middle of a busy week, all things "busy" came to a halt.

Last night's snow=2 hour delay=sleeping in=savoring great coffee and pancake breakfast!!!

French Press or Fresh Brewed?

" Pancakes up on two!"

Two weeks ago we were suppose to host a team from Ephrata who was coming to put the siding on the house. Well, a Nor' Easter blew in, giving them more snow than they had seen in a life time!

This is what we got...Narnia!

Todd and I took a midnight walk through the gate onto the ywam property.

It was glorious! The quiet that comes with the snow is breath taking. It is so pure and beautiful, majestic...quiet...lovely.


too bad this equation is NOT true
snow=2 hour delay=2 hour school day extension!!!

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Hi is me Heather "Ness" Mortinson! Thank you for your fun to reconnect.
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