Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Day

"This day shall be a love day."

-William Shakespeare

When the Christmas decorations come down, the Valentine's Day stuff goes up! What a glorious thing to

Imagine that!

My sister gave me this great, pressed tin vase for Christmas. I bought vintage Valentine prints online and made my Valentine tree.

The kids and I put crayon shavings between pages of waxed paper, ironed them and then cut out hearts. We hang these in the front windows. On the front door hangs a heart from Todd's mom.

For the teachers we are so thankful for...baked goodies!

And for my dear, sweet, dinner club friends...

I LOVE making hand made Valentines. I got to use my "Stampin' Up!" toys on these.

And for the "little people" in my life...

...heart shaped crayons!
All the broken crayons go into a heart shaped muffin tin (Thanks for my new muffin pan Janelle!) and get popped into the oven. They are so fun to make and are even more fun to color with!

From "The Message"...

"love never gives up
love cares for others more than self
love doesn't want what it doesn't have
love doesn't strut
love doesn't have a swelled head
doesn't force itself on others
isn't always 'me first'
doesn't fly off the handle
doesn't keep score of the sins of others
doesn't revel when others grovel
takes pleasure in the flowering of truth
puts up with anything
trusts God always
always looks for the best
never looks back
and keeps going to the end"

-1 corinthians 13

Let's make every day a "love day!"



Teri said...

You are so incredibly creative and gifted at letting people know how special they are Vickie! You are a blessing!

You have to tell me how you make the crayons! That is great. We have a whole bucket full of crayons I would love to do something like that with! The cut out hearts too. Awesome!

Teri said...

ps. I just noticed you have Plumb "In My Arms" on your playlist. First off I LOVE that album! God has been using it so much in my life right now. But that song is my song for my sweet Sofi girl! Such a great song!

Vickie said...

In My Arms is my song to Ashley as well! So, so sweet!

Lindsay said...

hello Vickie! wow.. thank you so much for the comment. it's cool that you stoped by! feel free any time :) you have a movie coffee shop too?? how wonderful. i like the fun things you made for valentines day. you seem very crafty.. no wonder you're friends with my aunt janelle!!

it's nice to meet you!