Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who Needs a Rooster?

Who needs a rooster to wake them, early on a Saturday morning, when you have Jackson?

Oh, I do not mind getting up early. It is a bit harder when you spent a late night before with friends...laughing, talking, creating and eating...well,

At 5:45 I heard the "wake up" call. It was the rustling of saran, the closing of cupboards and drawers, and the beep of the microwave. I came into the dimly lit kitchen to see that Jackson was warming pita chips and had cut his Jarlsburg cheese into cubes and put them onto toothpicks and plated them. (Did I mention that the entertaining of friends had happened at my house?)

Whenever we entertain friends, Jackson is at my side, taking in every thing. He wants to help in any possible way. It is wonderful, but I have to be VERY careful. It is very much a "monkey see, monkey do" situation. If I am not careful, he will be doing entertainment preparation at all hours of the day or in point.

One morning, years ago, I awoke to the smell of a warm breakfast. It brought a smile to my face, until I rolled over and discovered that Todd was still in the bed! I jumped out, to find Jackson had gotten the baby fryer out, filled it with oil and was making chicken nuggets!!!!! We only use that fryer for fish and then we use it strictly outside. I was torn. I was so extremely proud that he knew how to fry chicken nuggets. I was so "errrrrr" that he had done this while the rest of the world was sleeping. DANGER!!!

I do have great joy in knowing that my kids enjoy preparing beautiful food items for others. (That apple does not fall far from the tree!) I definitely know that Jackson is a "Foodie." He has great culinary taste. He knows what he wants and how he wants it.

Here are a few more examples of his own culinary explorations from the summer.

making Great Grandma's watermelon pickles

double decker, white albacore on whole wheat potato bread

Thank You Lord...again!

We usually pray and ask the Lord to bless our food, then we pass the food around the table and each person helps themselves. If it is a "great" meal, in Jackson's eyes, we have to pray again. I guess it's his way of showing the Lord how grateful he really is. We all love it because we know he is happy with the menu!

Lord, I love that you love doing "stuff" with me. When I am by myself, may I do the things, that you have shown me how to do when we are together, in a way that pleases you and brings joy to your heart!

And may I always "doubly" thank you for all that you have provided for me!


Youth With A Mission-Charlotte said...

Sweet Jackson!!! I guess each morning continues to be a surprise. Side note... you can function a camera at 6:00 am? Superwoman!

Karyn said...

Okay, not sure why it wasn't logged in as my account. But that last comment was mine :)

Teri said...

Vicki - I loved meeting the teenager Jackson when we came! He has grown so much! I was truly blessed by his sweet spirit, and saw how truly special he is! I know not all the days are easy, but you have done such a great job raising this special guy. Love you and am praying for you as you continue on the journey God has for you!

Cody and Amy Spahr said...

so precious!
not only does Jackson know "what" he wants and "how" he wants it.. but he also knows "when"! :)
love the pictures... he's so grown up!

Chris & Megan said...

Sweet sweet Jackson has grown into quite the chef! What a joy! And what a blessing to have a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it! As I saw earlier this week, you have two of those men! You are doubly blessed.:)