Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bloom Where You're Planted

As a preteen girl, I used to decorate my room with posters that were pictures of flowers, kittens, puppies...remember? They would have some sort of saying on them, meant to shape your outlook on life.
"Bloom Where You're Planted"... seemed to say to me, no matter where I was in life, I could bloom. I have the ability to affect my surroundings, for good or bad... choose good (to bloom).

When we were very young, we would go camping as a family. We would go to our camp site, set up for the weekend, have a great time boating, fishing and skiing. On Sunday, we would pack it all up, and before we load ourselves into the car, my dad would have us scan the entire site for trash. My sister and I would say, "We got all our trash, Daddy. That was here before we got here." To that, my dad would reply, "We need to leave this place better than how we found it."

That has pretty much been one of those sayings that has shaped my world view (it was not on a cute puppy poster though)!

Tonight we celebrated National Night Out with our neighbors. You may have celebrated with your community as well. This year is the 25th year of this celebration (my first year celebrating). The whole idea is to bring neighbors and police together, saying good-bye to crime and hello to activism.

It was a great time of actually visiting with neighbors, more than the cordial wave as we drive by each other coming and going. We held babies, visited with the mayor, shared yummy dishes of food and the kids were free to run around together and play...in the intense heat of summer's evening in the South.

What is so amazing about this event tonight is that our neighbors came together, and that is miraculous. You see, when we first moved here 10 years ago, the area was considered "deteriorating".

Over the years, we have seen the crack houses close down, drug dealers move out and families restored. We still have progress to make, but we are seeing God work miracles. If we turn around and see where we have come from, we see the hand of God. I see God "planting" us here so that we can bloom.

Tonight, I see the result of people "blooming where they are planted." I see the result of people "leaving a place better than how they found it." I look forward to next year...to see the progress.

And just in case you have been wondering...yes! I have been doing more blooming than blogging this summer. Stories of "blooms" are on the way...Now, go do some blooming!

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The lady of the house... said...

hello dear friend, i can't wait for all your blooming stories...i miss you!!!

until then!
love from strasburg....oh, i like your new song! :-)