Monday, January 14, 2008

Traveling Mercies

I have just returned from meetings in Orlando, Florida.

Prior to leaving, I always try to make sure that my house is clean, laundry done, medical forms signed, etc. etc. When we travel without the kids, I want to make sure to touch base with teachers, leave "love reminders," and talk with my friends about the extra "mommie" hug they can provide.

This trip was no different.

Todd and I are on a regional team for the International DTS Centre, a part of Youth With A Mission. We meet each year to pray and plan, and pray some more, for our mission and specifically the DTS World. Because of our responsibilities, we both traveled to Orlando last week, leaving our kiddos in the charge of a dear friend.

Because we know that the Lord has called us into YWAM, and that He has given us our family, we also know that we can trust Him with all that this calling requires. There really is a grace. Those of you who have walked with us a bit, have seen that grace and mercy, in abundance, from the Lord when Jackson was diagnosed with autism (a later blog will come).

We do not take our parenting responsibilities lightly. Our kids are a part of this calling, this lifestyle that we walk in. We make sure that we are walking out our lives in a way that pleases the Lord, teaching our children His ways while demonstrating the love of Jesus. So, it is important to us that our kids know they are our priority.

What about the kiddos, you ask...

Well, they had an amazing week with Kristina! (a dear friend, member of the family and part of our awesome YWAM-Charlotte staff). Our daily phone calls included updates on nail painting, the latest dance moves, homework assignments, fun movies nights and more. There is always the closing of the phone call, "I love and miss you Mommie!"...the giggling in the background almost leads me to believe that I should not return too quickly, they are having way too much fun!

Here is our itinerary, for those praying for us...

January 8-11/Todd and Vickie/Orlando/IDTSC

January 12-19/Todd/Orlando/Base Leaders Training

January 31-February 8/Todd/Switzerland/IDTSC

February 28-March 3/Vickie/NYC/Jesus4Woman


gaylafriend said...

You are a great mommy! I love the way you trust Jesus w/ your kids and don't waste time worrying (too much) because you trust that they are part of the calling too.

I had heard, years ago, through the ORU grapevine that you had a child w/ autism. I'm sure that is an awesome challenge, and one that you handle w/ much grace and love!

The lady of the house... said...

VICKIE DEAR, can I come visit you while you're in NYC? Or maybe meet you 1/2 way? What are your thoughts on that.
Your precious kiddos KNOW they are loved....through and through. I felt it so strongly when I was visiting. Praise God for women we can trust with our children.